All new garden challenges

I haven't been posting much because I've been super busy trying to finesse a change of address. There's going to be all sorts of new native plant opportunities: an east-facing hillside covered with Oleander and Brazilian Pepper has the most potential for native habitat and maybe a small vineyard while an old swimming pool that has been filled will offer an opportunity for a more formal garden closer to the house. This still isn't certainty yet, so I'm treading lightly in terms of my planning and hopes.

See you in the garden.

Location:Rancho Palos Verdes


  1. Have fun getting rid of the Brazilian peppers!

  2. Sounds fantastic, Brent! We have an east facing slope and love it. You can see the sun rise and on hot days the sun goes down early shading our east facing patio in early afternoon. Perfect.

    I hope you post before and after photos as time goes by.

  3. Thanks, Karen. It'll be a chore for certain.

    Sue - I'm looking forward to nice afternoon views as well. I'm not quite a well-sited as you are, but it's a definite step up. Before and after pictures are a given!