Creek Watch app

A fresh update of the Creek Watch app reminded me that I ought to actually use it, so tonight I took a stroll along the Dominguez Channel and made a few reports.

From the friendly app:
"Creek Watch enables you to help monitor your watershed. Creeks and streams are a vital part of watersheds; they provide water to drink and sustain plant and animal life. However, they can also be a pathway for pollution to spread, and they are often too numerous for water boards to monitor without help.

Creek Watch provides an easy way to lend a hand by reporting on any waterway you pass. We then aggregate reports and share them with water control boards to help them track pollution,
manage water resources, and plan environmental programs.

Creek Watch is an IBM Smarter Planet Project developed by IBM Research-Almaden. To learn more visit http://www.creekwatch.org."

- Posted at great expense from my iPhone

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