Corn maize

I visited the corn maze at Pierce College this weekend with Juli, Houston, and Chris. The maze makes Pierce College more money per acre than any other crop that they raise, according to them.

They give you a map of the maze before you start and you're supposed to use a distinctive hole punch at each of several waypoints to track your progress. The maps they give out are on postcards, but in case you need extra help there's always the signs.

I've done one maze elsewhere without the benefit of a map and it's very hard once you are inside,

Ariel photographs of previous years can be found online. The designs change from year to year and from the air it's clear that the mazes very accurately replicate their design. This year's maze, map pictured above, is complete with large letters spelling out "save the farm". Unfortunately, by this time in the season there were many unauthorized shortcuts through the maze so next time we'll try to go earlier in the season. That was really the only disappointment - being in a large maze is fun. We even got to see some huitlacoche:

Huitlacoche is supposed to be a great delicacy, but I thought it looked rather ghoulishly in keeping with the season.

Pierce College gets spooky after 7 pm. Here's the entrance to the corn field of horror or somesuch.

You have to pass beneath the gargoyle to encounter masked, chainsaw wielding psychos. Corny, or not?

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