To Do List VI

The To Do List is dead! Long live the To Do List!

Like royalty, or Bermuda grass, the To Do list keeps coming back with another version that looks similar to the old one.  But this is a good news story.

Way back in May, To Do List V looked pretty ambitious.  Taking stock of all the things I've struck from the list for one reason of another (accomplished myself this summer, hired someone to complete, or on which I've changed my thinking) To Do List V is looking like it was a pretty successful go forward plan.

Looking forward again from where I stand right now, I need a new plan.  The new plan needs to take me to an end point where I can say, "I'm done" and mean it.  Those of you reading for my gardening comments - there's some planning in here for you at the bottom of this post.

When this is done I may have to start a new blog - "The Second One For A Friend" from the adage that I seem to have absorbed in the last couple years of home repair and garden building:

Build the first one for an enemy,
the second one for a friend,
and the third one for yourself.

Exterior House
  • Patch holes in stucco
  • Paint French doors
  • Stucco over where old kitchen door used to be
  • Paint stucco, trim
  • Borrow airless sprayer to paint eaves
  • Fix computer room window

Interior House
  • Replace screen over gable vent at front of house
  • Fix doorbell23 Nov 09
  • Install bathroom tub spigot
  • Have tub refinished
  • Remove baseboard trim
  • Paint walls
  • Replace floor - living room and hall in wood?  Rest carpet?
  • Install new baseboard trim
  • Install drop leaf countertop extension ($30 Ikea)
  • Reconfigure living / dining area - narrow drop leaf table would be good have
  • Fix trim in my bedroom
  • Fix wall behind hall cabinets
  • Ground outlet in my room
  • Paint hall light fixtures
  • Fix garage wall near sink
  • Fix common wall between garage and house for fire safety
  • Fix garage gable end framing

  • Add a sprinkler head to front garden area to improve coverage - The sprinklers aren't used often, but when they are they ought to cover the whole area.
  • Extend Aristida purpurea plantings to provide better unifying theme
  • Rejuvenate front garden meadow  - This might mean just keeping the yarrow mowed and adding supplemental water (see sprinklers above) as needed
  • Plant parking strip area with natives - This needs brief consideration for suitable plants.  Maybe more Aristida and a low sage (Salvia sonomensis? aka creeping sage or Sonoma sage) or some sedges that will take summer water since part of the parking strip will remain turf grass and need summer supplemental water.
  • Re-mulch native areas - Just maintenance and to keep it a bit more attractive
  • Do something in N side yard to make it better - brick pathway?
  • Pour custom pavers for bedroom French door exit to replace wood lain on ground
  • Overseed remaining grassy areas with a winter rye at the first signs of a real rain
  • Figure out what I did wrong with the driveway edge plantings (Lessingia filaginifolia 'Silver Carpet' (Silver Carpet aster) and Lotus grandiflorus (Large-Flowered Lotus) and not make that mistake again. 
  • Add to my potted plants - both interior and exterior

Update: I thought I had a sufficiently good idea to make a placeholder.

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