First rain: 1.45 inches

I had just under 0.1 inches in my back yard today. So much for the predicted flood. We'll see how it goes tonight.

Update 14 Oct: 0.84 inches over night for a total of 0.94" so far, with more on the way today. That's a good rain for us. I understand N. Ca. got significantly more, but I'm glad that we started slowly because of the recent fire-denuded hillsides.

Update 14 Oct PM: 0.51 inch more during the day for a total of 1.45 inches. This was the perfect first storm for us: not too much, not too little, not too fast.

Looking back over the years that I've tracked rainfall in my backyard, we see that I've been reporting rainfall totals proportionate to the official rainfall tally for the City of Los Angeles. My rainfall totals actually have a much better correlation to the official rainfall than I had originally expected. I attribute the ~2.3" offset to better monitoring of heavy dews and light rain in Los Angeles, but it seems like that's a lot of dew!

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