Los Angeles area garden blogs via Blotanical

I've been a member of Blotanical since April. It's a garden blog networking site. The goal is to get garden bloggers talking to one another and to connect geographically similar garden bloggers. Perhaps my preferred browser (Firefox) was not fully supported because I've found the site hard to navigate. I'm not a computer neophyte, but I have limited time to puzzle out confusing and non-standard link trees. Consequently, I've spent little time there beyond an occasional visit to see if it (or I) have changed.

Today I found the true power of Blotanical when I went in search of the map applet that I knew had to be somewhere on the site - you know, the one that lets you put in a town or city and then see graphically where nearby bloggers are located. I found it, and with it I discovered almost a dozen blogs in and around Los Angeles that I was completely unaware of. Here's the link to the north America blog map. I don't know if you have to be logged in to make full use of it.

The Los Angeles local blogs that I found and plan to check back on are:

http://www.bloomsandbees.com/ (looks like it's a cobweb, but the author may come back. There's a nice post on Brown Widow spiders too)

http://sbgardendesign.wordpress.com/ (design)


http://onmygreenthumb.blogspot.com/ (infrequent posts)


http://chefinthegarden.blogspot.com/ (another cobweb, but might have some older material that's interesting)

The Southern California blogs that seem interesting are:






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