Blog doldrums

Not much going on here in fun land. Work is extremely busy, tiring, and sometimes rewarding. My personal life has some pressure on it too. Yep, I'm busy all around. Too busy to blog much.

I'll be traveling again to Germany later in the month, so perhaps the best thing to do in terms of my personal goals is to look ahead into July for some concrete progress in the home improvement area. I could still pull a rabbit from a hat and get something done when I return. We'll see. The month of June was supposed to be the month of the French doors in my bedroom, but now it seems like it's been the month of recovering from the work week and travel.

Speaking of concrete progress, I did have one of the local Samoan stone workers come by and give me an "estimate" to replace my driveway. It's waaaay high, of course at $6500, but we might come to an agreement eventually. This guy does quality work. When I first moved into the neighborhood he redid a bunch of the driveways with interlocking concrete pavers and they still look flat and true today. I watched them go in with envy since I couldn't afford them at the time. I'll look at the available permeable paver options again and have him price those out versus poured-in-place concrete pavers. I have my own poured pavers in the side yard and it might be nice to match their dimensions.

The vegetable garden is growing very well. I took out one of the two Koval's Giant (seeds from buddy M. Koval) pumpkin plants because together they threatened to overrun the entire rest of the squash and melon area. Squash are usually pretty vigorous, but these are outgrowing everything by leaps and bounds. The one remaining plant I can contain. I hope.

Tomatoes are getting closer and closer to ripe. Some of the Sweet 100s are tasty right now, but I know they'll be even better in a week.

After a large and furious harvest, the Olallieberries are coming to an end. Some years they've still been ripening at this time. I have enough in the freezer to make jam.


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