Ricky and Rita visit

Ricky the Raccoon has been visiting my yard for a year or so. Last night, he showed up with his friend Rita and they romped on the roof of my house for a good long time - looking in the rain gutter and playing on the TV antenna mast. Juli suggested that they were curious about the mast, since like most Los Angelenos they had only heard about them as stories passed down from their grandparents.

After giving me a hiss and scampering a short distance away, they more or less ignored me and went about their business. I guess they weren't given the memo on who the dominant mammalian species is on this planet.


  1. Rampaging raccoons. They're not my favorite animal at the moment after trashing my pond the other night. They look cute, but...

  2. I love them but I hate them.

    They've done tremendous damage to my garden recently, uprooting precious new plants and bulbs in their endless quest for worms. And their OCD handwashing befouls the water in the birdbath. Why me?

    But they're so cute.