Half bath synchronicity

Neighbor Mike is selling, but his updated and immaculately maintained house is giving him a bit of trouble in this market because it has only one bathroom. That's all they made in 1952.

Friend Warren was commenting yesterday about tankless water heaters and freeing up space in his 1950s-era place for a second bathroom.

"Yes, I know all about tankless water heaters, I'm planning on making some more closet space or maybe even a wet bar out of my water heater cabinet and adjacent linen closet," I said.

"I'm planning on putting my new tankless heater up in the attic," he responded.

It hit me then that I too could carve out a half bath or more from space freed up in my remodel (assuming my heater too went up into the attic). I think I got a bit incoherent with excitement. I'm not sure why I didn't put it together until someone bludgeoned me over the head with it. I've certainly thought about how to graft on a bathroom to the outside of the house enough times. Why not carve out space on the inside instead? Mr. Market says that a second bathroom trumps a wet bar and linen closet any day of the week.

More information and thought on this is required.

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